Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Just what the ?$*Big Fat Hairy Rooster&*(#$ is OnyX?
Answer: It is a visual development interface for the Xclass widget set. Other visual development examples are Visual Basic and Visual C++ for Microshaft.

Question: What is the Xclass widget set and where do I get it?
Answer: Its time for you to go to the Xclass homepage.

Question: Is OnyX an interpreter or code generator?
Answer: Definately a code generator.

Question: What platforms will it run on?
Answer: If you can use the Xclass then ideally OnyX should run also.

Question: So how much will OnyX cost?
Answer: GPL. Get it? Got it? Good. End of story. :)

Question: So where did the name for OnyX come from?
Answer: Since all of the visual objects in the Xclass set begin with the letters "OX" I wanted to include thoses letters in the name. OnyX is the first decent word I came up with. If you want to put an acronym to it I suppose you could use: Obviously not another barely affordable, eXtreamly overpriced, incredebly unstable, meglomaniac style Microshaft product. ;)

Question: Is there a beta I can try?
Answer: No. Not yet. I want to go through alpha testing yet.

Question: Ok. Then is there an alpha I can try?
Answer: Yes there is, just mail me personally at, so I can have a list of who to announce new fixes/bugs to. Then check out the downloads page.

Question: Is there any otherway I can help?
Answer: Sure. I really need a good logo. I suck at drawing. All logo contributions are welcome and credit will be GLADLY given to any one whose ideas/artwork I use. As for coding, wait until I reach beta stage. Play with the alpha first, peek at the code, and see if you want to help. If you do, send me a message and when it goes beta, I will form an OnyX development team.

Update: Since September 2004, beta versions of OnyX can be downloaded from sourceforge. See the downloads page. You may contact me at if you want to contribute to OnyX development. --Hector.

Question: Dude, what sort of coffee do you drink?!?!
Answer: Anything I can get as long as it is strong! Of course, feel free to send me any gourmet coffee you just happen to have lying around. *grin*